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Coverups: Gerald Celente Exposes Huge Banker Crimes – Predicts “The Panic of 2016”

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.51.08 PMWhat does the top trends forecaster predict for 2016? Celente says, “Here’s the cover of our Trends Journal, and it says “The Panic of 2016.” It is under way. Gold is up over 20% since the beginning of the new year. Look at the banking stocks. They are down. Follow the money, that’s the story. Follow the money, and look at the problems the banks are in . . . There is a commodity crisis going on. I am mentioning this because it all ties in together and going back to the banks. When they started the heroin and cocaine addiction, all that cheap money from heroin and cocaine addiction went into the emerging markets. Yeah, all those resource rich nations borrowing money for nothing, and the banks loaning them more. Now, these resource rich nations . . . around the world borrowed this money in dollars, and their currencies are way down. The banks loaned them the money, they have to pay it back now and . . . they are not going to be able to pay back their debt. Follow the banks, and follow the money.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, the Publisher of The Trends Journal.

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