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Does Marco Rubio Have The Same Gay Background Issues As Barack Obama?

Did Marco Rubio Engage With Gay Prostitutes In 1990? Video: Obama Accused of Gay Sex, Drugs, and Murder Video: Mia Marie Pope Oust Obama Related Video: Marco Rubio’s Coke House, Gayish Dance Troupe, And Foam Parties

Obama Has Gone Too Far With His Executive Orders, Playing Word Games With The Public

Lots of claims that Barack Obama has issued more executive orders than any puppet President in recent history. Obama says the numbers show that it’s the opposite… so what is true?

The Zionists Want A Non-Eligible Puppet Like Obama, Cruz and Rubio To Be President?

President Wanted: No Citizenship Required Conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who has been supporting Donald Trump for president declares that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is not a natural born U.S. citizen. A New Challenge to Cruz’s Eligibility By CLARE FORAN Donald Trump’s attacks on Ted Cruz’s citizenship have intensified in recent weeks. Now, the question of whether

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Shock Claim: Puppet Obama Is Disarming Americans For The Zionist’s One World Order

Obama Is Disarming Americans For The Zionist’s One World Order Obama Rebrands Gun Control By Brother Nathanael

Bizarre Oddities: Obama to seek crisis actor position after leaving presidency

Analysts explain President’s canny career decision By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today EditorIn a surprise announcement Sunday, the White House revealed that President Obama, who will step down from his current middle management position next year, has begun training for a new career in one of the hottest, fastest-growing fields in America: Crisis acting.What explains such a seemingly

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Globalist Gun Grab Agenda: How Obama’s ‘Crying’ Shows He’s A Psychopath

The White House and The Theatrics of ‘Gun Control’ ‘Theatrics in politics is nothing new, but this is just a little over-the-top, even for this entertainer-and-chief. During President Barack Obama’s landmark New Year’s TV address on ‘gun control’ he grew visibly emotional when invoking Newtown, Connecticut, with bountiful tears arriving in good measure. While right-wing

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Zionist Hatchet Man Obama Issues 20 Executive Actions on Guns – Disarming The Goyim

Zionist Hatchet Man Obama Issues 20 Executive Actions on Guns – Disarming The Goyim Related Video: Two prominent Jews team up to disarm the “Goyim” Sandy Hook Gun Grab Scandal Breaks Wide Open Under New Investigation By Harold Saive Just this morning, I received a call from the National Rifle Assocition (NRA) asking for my support

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Obama’s Zionist Handlers Want Him To Disarm Americans, What Else To Expect In 2016

Obama’s Zionist Handlers Want Him To Disarm Americans, What Else To Expect In 2016

Donald Trump Accuses Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton of Creating ISIS [Daesh]

Donald Trump Accuses Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton of Creating Daesh MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The real-estate tycoon claimed he had predicted the rise of Daesh in the Middle East, citing his calls on the Obama administration to target the group’s oil assets in the militant-controlled territories. “They have a bunch of dishonest people. They’ve created ISIS [Daesh]. Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama,” Trump

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Joel Gilbert Pulls Back The Curtain On Obama And The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Official film site: http://www.theresnoplacelikeutopoia.com – – – Film maker Joel Gilbert (There’s No Place Like Utopia) speaking at American Legion Hall in Redlands, California (April 24, 2014) in this speech entitled ‘Utopia and The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy’. Film Synopsis: Why did Dorothy follow the yellow brick road? Film maker Joel Gilbert journeys across America to find

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Benghazi Attack Cover Up – Obama’s impeachment, Hillary Clinton’s involvement

Stefan Molyneux speaks with Roger Aronoff on the recent findings of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, White House lies, the United States selling weapons to Libyan rebels, Muammar Gaddafi’s desire to surrender, the possibility of Obama’s impeachment, Hillary Clinton’s involvement and the impact this could have on the next presidential election. Roger Aronoff is the Editor

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Alan Keyes Does Not Hold Back, Says Cliven Bundy Not A Racist Calls Obama A Commie Tyrant

Alan Keyes Does Not Hold Back, Says Cliven Bundy Not A Racist Calls Obama A Commie Tyrant (via http://somicom.com) Ambassador Alan Keyes does not hold back, says Cliven Bundy not a racist calls Obama a Commie Tyrant. From: Peter Boyles Show – Apr 28, 2014 – Hr 3 Audio Below Tags: Ambassador Alan Keyes, Cliven Bundy,

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American Supremacy Busted – What Soros Wanted, Obama Has Totally Delivered

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement Putin Vs Obama – America Vs Russia – Ukraine Source: Foxnews via Youtube What Soros Wanted, Obama Delivers By Kyle-Anne Shiver Via American Thinker In January 2004, George Soros proclaimed to the world, “I have made rejection of the Bush doctrine the central project of my life.”  To which he added, “America, under Bush,

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Obama Lied His Way To The White House And His Election Is Null And Void?

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – Did Obama Lie His Way To WH & Is His Election Null & Void. Tags: Barack Obama, Election Fraud, Obama’s Scandals, George Soros, Obama’s Crimes, Obama’s Lies

Media Covering For Obama, A Guy That Can’t Even Spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Offbeat News: Obama Can’t Spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T, I Wonder If He Can Spell POTATO? Tags: Barack Obama, Respect, Offbeat News

Lois Lerner Takes The Fifth, Again – Refuses To Testify About Obama IRS Targeting Of Tea Party

Obama’s Alarming IRS Scandal – Lois Lerner Refuses To Testify At House Hearing On IRS Targeting Of Tea Party. Tags: IRS Scandal, IRS, Lois Lerner, Tea Party, The Tea Party, Obama’s Scandals, Election Fraud, Barack Obama

The Obamas Exposed For Ripping Off Tax Payers With Unnecessary Luxurious Vacations And Travel

Obamas set new record for vacation travel expenses; stonewalled documents finally released Source: Bizpacreview.com It took filing a lawsuit, but Judicial Watch discovered Friday that President Obama has set a new record for travel on the taxpayer dime. The conservative watchdog group obtained travel records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force that show the Obamas racked up

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Sellout Jimmy Fallon Pushes Obama Propaganda During His 1st Week After Replacing #1 Jay Leno

An Epic Fail Jimmy Fallon Pushes Obama Propaganda During His 1st Week Replacing #1 Jay Leno. Opinion By Mark Dice: Jimmy Fallon Obama Propaganda on the Tonight Show Exposed: Tags: Jimmy Fallon, NBC, Propaganda, Jay Leno, Barack Obama, Obama Crimes


‘Bible’ Producers Cut Satan Scenes From ‘Son of God’ Following Obama Controversy (Video) Scenes with an actor who played the devil but looked a lot like Barack Obama have been edited out of the upcoming movie Son of God, one of the producers told The Hollywood Reporter. “It gives me great pleasure to tell you that the devil

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Eric Holder Clueless on The Constitutional Basis for Obama’s Executive Orders

Attorney General Eric Holder couldn’t explain the constitutional basis for executive orders such as Barack Obama’s delay of the employer mandate because he hasn’t read the legal analysis — or at least, hasn’t seen it in a long time. “I’ll be honest with you, I have not seen — I don’t remember looking at or

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U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz Calls Obama Dangerous, Terrifying & Lawless

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has told a conservative conference that Barack Obama is lawless, providing the right wing rhetoric that makes him so popular in his home state. Tags: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, Barack Obama, Lawless, Dangerous, Terrifying, Obama’s Scandals

Historian Says We Must Arrest Obama & George Soros To Restore Liberty in 2014

Our longtime friend Harley Schlanger, historian and the national spokesperson for LaRouchePAC joins us to recount Barack Obama’s crimes in 2012 and 2013. We quickly determine that arresting the current ‘Commander-in-Chief’ for his many impeachable and outright criminal offenses would be a good first step in the effort to restore the Bills of Rights, the

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Offbeat News: Obama & Miley Cyrus Connected To A Sheep-Violating Pornographer

Miley Cyrus’ Illuminati Puppet Master Exposed! His Name is Terry Richardson!!!!! MUST SEE!! More Scandal Below Obama Had Senate-Office ‘Portrait Session’ With Pornographer WARNING: Some of the images and language in this story are sexually graphic and disturbing. Obama Had Senate-Office ‘Portrait Session’ With Pornographer (CNSNews.com) — On June 20, 2007, then-Sen. Barack Obama (D.-Ill.), who

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Hawaii Classmate Of Barack Obama Says He Used The Name Barry Soetoro, Was Very Gay, Smoked Crack & Was A Liar

Mia Marie Pope Oust Obama aka Barry Soetoro The Homosexual Pathological Liar On Crack http://www.atlah.org The Manning Report Mia Marie Pope Oust Obama on The Manning Report. Recorded 31 October 2013 Mia Marie Pope, who was a high school friend of Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) in Hawaii during the 1970s, says that Obama identified himself

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Doctor That Happens To Be Obama’s Cousin Says Obama Is Destroying America

Well, this is awkward. Barack Obama’s second cousin once removed, Dr. Milton Wolf (Republican), appeared on Fox News’ The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson Monday afternoon to speak out against the Affordable Care Act and take some personal shots at his estranged family member. “They say you cannot choose your own family,” Wolf said. “But

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