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The End Of France – What Evil Group Is Attempting To Destroy Europe?

Video: Why Is France No Longer French? – Daniel Conversano & Timothé Vorgenss Daniel Conversano and Timothé Vorgenss from Suavelos discuss how France has been transformed by mass immigration. Is France, as we’ve known it, lost forever? Video: Dalai Lama: Europe Is For Europeans, Refugees Go Home and Rebuild   On the Jewish Control of

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World War III Coming Our Way, Meet The New Axis of Evil

[Video] World War III – The New Axis of Evil by CoNN Storm Clouds Gathering is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on geopolitics. It recently created a video that outlines the case for World War III. The video begins with the first side of the theater of war. Russia, China and Iran have openly sided with the Syrian government.  Russia

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