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Globalist World Bankster Robert Zoellick & Gang Want A North American Union Even If You Don’t

Welcome to Americanadexico: New CFR Blueprint for a North American Union Super Grid Two Bilderbergers, former general David Petraeus, now of KKR Global and former World Bank head Robert Zoellick, now Chair of Goldman Sachs’ international board, are leading the Council on Foreign Relation’s latest push for an ‘integrated’ North America — a North American

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TSA Groping Is Only For Legal Citizens, Criminal Illegals Get On Planes Without ID

TSA ALLOWING ILLEGALS ON PLANES WITHOUT ID Source: Breitbart MCALLEN, Texas—Illegal aliens are being allowed to fly on commercial airliners without valid identification, according to the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC). “The aliens who are getting released on their own recognizance are being allowed to board and travel commercial airliners by simply showing their Notice to

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Globalists And Obama Ushering In North American Union, Orders DHS to Bus In More Illegals To Kill USA

Obama Disbands Congress: Orders DHS to Bus In More Illegals. Alex Jones discusses the loss of freedoms across America in relation to the militarization of police forces, the history of socialist countries imploding and the planned collapse of the American economy to bring about the North American Union. Tags: Globalists, Obama, North American Union, Alex Jones

Border Crisis Threaten U.S. Sovereignty – Obama’s Treason, Trying To Usher In The North American Union?

Border Crisis Threaten U.S. Sovereignty – Obama And His Regime Trying To Usher In The North American Union? Alex Jones covers the unabashed violation of immigration laws by the Obama administration as illegals by the thousand pour into America and are being dropped off all across America by the Government. Obama’s War On America Video

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