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The Kosher Mafia Makes Sure Every Time You Eat, You Pay

When I Think Of The Kosher Tax Scam I Think Of Organized Crime Video: Israel: The Promised Land of Organized Crime – Full Version Video: Murder Incorporated – The Jewish Mafia Video: KOSHER NOSTRA SECRET TAX The Secret Jewish KOSHER TAX THAT INFLATES YOUR FOOD COST! The Secret KOSHER TAX That Raises Food Prices A

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Kennedy Warned Us! The Prophetic Words From John F Kennedy

Snordster – Kennedy Warned Us! By Jim W. Dean [ Editor’s Note: This is a timely trip down memory road with a classic Patrick Willis creation from 2012. As crowded as the Net has become, with all the pretenders and copycats, Snordster charted a unique path which know one else could copy, or even imitate. We spotted his talent right

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