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Jewish Media Oligarchs Boast That They, Not The US Voters Rule America!

Just Like Stalin’s Bolshevik Jews In Russia, Jewish Media Oligarchs Boast that They, Not the Voters – Rule America! [jwplayer config=”Music” mediaid=”33119″] Dr. Duke and Rev. Dankof: Jewish Media Oligarchs Boast that They, Not the Voters, Rule America! Today Dr. Duke talked about the rigged political system in which Donald Trump can beat his rivals

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The Plot Thickens In Justice Scalia Death – Rent-A-Boy Scandal, Linked To Secret Society, Bohemia Grove?

The Plot In Judge Scalia’s Death Thickens- Was At A Ranch Of A Secret Society Connected To Bohemia Grove The details surrounding Justice Scalia’s death become ever stranger. by Andrew Bieszad An excellent piece in the Washington Post reveals that Judge Scalia was visiting friends at the Society of St. Hubertus, which purports itself as an elite, international

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