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Bizarre Oddities: Globalist U2 Singer Bono Goes Demonic With His Hate Of Blonde And Blue-Eyed Swedes

Bono Declares His Racist Hatred of Swedes in Wake of Election Henrik discuss what the Globalist and U2 singer Bono (Paul David Hewson) said at a concert in France in the wake of the Swedish election. Bono declares his open racist hatred of Swedes and came down on how Swedes look. Saying that the traits

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Bono and U2 are not credible advocates of human rights, U2 manager supports Israeli war crimes

U2 manager supports Israeli war crimes By David Cronin U2, a rock band known to display double standards, performs in Las Vegas earlier this year.Steve Marcus Newscom The manager of U2, a rock band well known for human rights campaigning, has taken part in fundraising activities for an organization that supports Israel’s war crimes. Guy

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