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The End Of France – What Evil Group Is Attempting To Destroy Europe?

Video: Why Is France No Longer French? – Daniel Conversano & Timothé Vorgenss Daniel Conversano and Timothé Vorgenss from Suavelos discuss how France has been transformed by mass immigration. Is France, as we’ve known it, lost forever? Video: Dalai Lama: Europe Is For Europeans, Refugees Go Home and Rebuild   On the Jewish Control of

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Radio Broadcaster Bill Cooper’s 9/11 Prediction and Death – World Government

Milton William Cooper, or Bill Cooper, as he was most often referred to, was a radio broadcaster and author, and as many would describe him, a conspiracy theorist and “militia theoretician,” (Paul, 2000, p. 352-353). Cooper spoke of a number of topics—from the origins of HIV/AIDS to the U.S. government’s involvement with extraterrestrials—and made many

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