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Uncovered Evidence: Thousands Of Deaths In 2021 Linked To COVID-19 Vaccines

When all was said and done, the vaccinated comprised a disproportionately larger percentage of those who contracted COVID-19 than the percentage of the county’s residents who were fully vaccinated.Of those who were hospitalized in this outbreak, 80% were fully vaccinated. The “vaccines” offered no protection against severe disease.

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Killer Jab For Thee But Not For Me – CEO Of Major Big Pharma Company In Spain Charged With Faking His Covid Vaccine Status

Police in Spain have charged the president of European pharmaceuticals giant PharmaMar with being falsely vaccinated against Covid-19.

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Dr. Jane Ruby: “Children Are Going to Die” – Pfizer Made 32 Billion In 12 Months Via Vaccine Agenda

Dr. Jane Ruby presents Pfizer documents that expose the under 50% efficiency of vaccines from ages 6 months to 2 years old

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MicroPlastic Pollution – Shocking New Research, Are Babies Are Riddled With MicroPlastics!

Shocking new research has shown that babies have up to 15 times more microplastic in their bodies than adults. This worrying new evidence will only add to fears that microplastic pollution has already got totally out of hand and will have serious effects for years to come, even if we begin to introduce measures to curb it right away.

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Adverse Clinical Event – Murderous Outcomes, A Pfizer Docs Reveals Between 82-97% Of Pregnant Women Lost Their Babies

Video: “A Pfizer document reveals between 82-97% of pregnant women lost their babies. 45% of the 270 pregnant mothers reported adverse clinical events, and more than 60% of these were serious.”

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Shock Claim: Death By Shots and 5G – Monkeypox As Weapon Of Mass Destruction?

Video Content: 5G exposure is KILLING our citizens. Karen Kingston came prepared to share all of the information that she discovered, regarding the direct links between 5G radiation and COVID-19.

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Big Pharma: How Two Corrupt Pharma Companies Are Cashing in on Monkeypox Scare

In recent days, concern over a global outbreak of monkeypox, a mild disease related to smallpox and chickenpox, has been hyped in the media and health ministries around the world

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Obama’s Ebola Czar Is Big On Population Control, The Walking Dead Predicted the Ebola Outbreak

Obama’s new ‘Ebola Czar’ Ron Klain is an enthusiastic advocate of population control who thinks that there are too many people. CIA and U.S. military involvement in the use of biological pathogens as weapons is well documented. But surely the creators of The Walking Dead are just conspiracy theorists. Tags: Ebola, The Walking Dead, Population Control, biological

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Ebola Outbreak – Hospitals And Military Getting Ready For Crisis – Zombie Apocalypse?

Ebola Outbreak – Hospitals And Military Getting Ready For Zombie Apocalypse Save 15% on your order at Forces of Nature! Use coupon FONAFF15 at checkout! Tags: Ebola, Outbreak, Health


PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDER DETAILS DETENTION OF SUSPECTED SICK PEOPLE SOURCE: POLICE STATE USA (Image Source: Participant Media) The powers currently claimed by the federal government conceivably allow for situations where any communicable disease — even influenza — can become the basis for a large-scale military-enforced federal quarantine in which civil rights are suspended, civilian movement is

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FEDS WOULD EXERCISE DRACONIAN EMERGENCY POWERS IF EBOLA HITS U.S. Video: Ebola Threat Is Just The Crisis Obama Needs To Stay in Office With concerns growing over the deadly Ebola virus, which has killed 670 people in West Africa, preparations are already underway in the United States, where even healthy Americans will be subjected to

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Technology Expert Katherine Albrecht Warns: Your House Is Spying On You

Katherine Albrecht: Your House Is Spying On You Technology expert Katherine Albrecht has spearheaded the worldwide movement against RFID tracking since 2003. bistroMD offers delicious meals and fresh ingredients! Pick your meals and get free shipping today! $24.95 value, use code: StartNow Tags: Technology Expert, Katherine Albrecht, RFID tracking, Spying


25 SHOCKING FACTS ABOUT THE EARTH’S DWINDLING WATER RESOURCES BY MICHAEL SNYDER, OP-ED War, famine, mass extinctions and devastating plagues – all of these are coming unless some kind of miraculous solution is found to the world’s rapidly growing water crisis.  By the year 2030, the global demand for water will exceed the global supply of

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MASS FISH DEATHS: MILLIONS HAVE BEEN FOUND DEAD ALL OVER THE WORLD IN THE PAST MONTH Source: Why Don’t You Try This Millions of fish are suddenly dying all over the planet. In fact, there have been dozens of mass fish death events reported in the past month alone.  So why is this happening? Why are

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Rise Of The Bizarre Human-Pig – Mad Scientists Are Recklessly Creating These Chimeras

THE ERA OF CHIMERAS: SCIENTISTS FEARLESSLY CREATE BIZARRE HUMAN/ANIMAL HYBRIDS Did you know that scientists are creating cow/human hybrids, pig/human hybrids and even mouse/human hybrids? This is happening every single day in labs all over the western world, but most people have never even heard about it. So would you drink milk from a cow/human

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Schoolchildren Launched Complaints Against Michelle Obama For Prisoner Style School Lunches

Michelle Obama’s School Lunches In Pictures: “Is That Photo Taken From Death Row?” Mac Slavo SHTFPlan.com April 9, 2014 One of the purported successes of Michelle Obama’s tenure as First Lady of the United States has been to help Americans get fit and eat right. She’s launched a wide array of initiatives targeting Americans receiving

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Toxic Food Is Slowing You Down – Heavy Metals In Your Food Are Making You Dumb

Mike Adams: heavy metals are making you dumb & they’re in the food you would least expect. Mike Adams on his new lab and the original research he is doing on food contamination.http://naturalnews.com Tags: The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Health, Heavy Metals In Food

Mission Accomplished: Americans Got Screwed, Millions Will Pay Billions to Avoid Obamacare

Mission Accomplished: Millions of Americans Will Pay Billions to Avoid Obamacare Murray Rothbard: “The state is a gang of thieves writ large.” Kurt Nimmo Infowars.com March 5, 2014 Predictably, over at AOL-Huffington Post, they are celebrating the installation of governmentcare at gunpoint. IRS: Pay your Obamacare “penalty” with your taxes or else. “The president stood

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Your Fingerprint Will Be Needed To Buy Food, What to Do Before Rationing Starts in America

Venezuela Enforces Fingerprint Registry to Buy Groceries What to Do Before Rationing Starts in America Daisy Luther  The Organic Prepper April 3, 2014 What if you were forced to “register” in order to buy groceries? And what if, through that registration, the food you bought could be tracked and quantities could be limited? Image: Venezuela

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Obama Gloats Over The Forced Obedience Of Millions Of Americans To Buy Un-American Obamacare

Only in a totalitarian regime does the President celebrate millions of Americans forced to enroll in Obamacare against their will Mike Adams Natural News April 2, 2014 President Obama gloated today over the obedience of millions of Americans who were forced under penalty of law to purchase overpriced health insurance that benefits Big Pharma and

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Drink Diet Drinks And You Could Die?

DIET DRINKS LINKED WITH HEART DISEASE, DEATH SOURCE: CNBC Women who drink the most diet sodas may also be more likely to develop heart disease and even to die, according to a new study published Saturday. Researchers found women who drank two or more diet drinks a day were 30 percent more likely to have a

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SCHOOL SCIENCE PROJECT REVEALS HIGH LEVELS OF NUCLEAR RADIATION IN GROCERY STORE SEAFOOD Source: Michael Snyder A Canadian high school student named Bronwyn Delacruz never imagined that her school science project would make headlines all over the world.  But that is precisely what has happened.  Using a $600 Geiger counter purchased by her father, Delacruz measured

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New Scientific Evidence Reveals That Americans’ Brains Are Being Fried Out By Cell Towers

Americans’ brains being fried by cell towers New scientific evidence reveals shocking extent of electropollution damage Mike Adams Natural News March 27, 2014 Exposure to cell phone towers alters brain function in alarming ways, causing a lack of concentration, irritability, difficulty sleeping and lack of appetite. That’s the conclusion of a new study just published by

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Big Pharma is literally using prostitutes and sex to sell their meds

Big Pharma is literally using prostitutes and sex to sell their drug empire to their clients. Read More Tags: Health, Big Pharma, Sex, prostitutes, Sex Health, Health Watch

Expert Warning: GMOs A Threat To Our Planet, Could Cause ‘Irreversible Termination Of Life’

GMOs could cause ‘irreversible termination of life’ on Earth, risk expert warns Ethan A. Huff Natural News March 23, 2014 When discussing the issues surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) — that is, organisms bearing the genetic traits of other species or bacteria — the focus is typically on how safe (or unsafe) these novel, food-like

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