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Is Angela Merkel A Zionist Puppet And Does She Want To Finish The Job Of Destroying Germany?

Does Angela Merkel Want To Destroy Germany? | European Migrant Crisis |

The Jewish Occupation Of Germany

End of Europe: Merkel is Doing Good Job at ‘Destroying Her Own Continent’

By http://sptnkne.ws/awTr

As Merkel continues to push her migration policy, allowing the large number of North African and Middle Eastern refugees to enter the EU, dissatisfaction within Europe’s largest countries and Germany itself is also rising.

“[Merkel’s] migration policy is questioned in Europe and now even at the heart of German institutions,” Robin said, as quoted by Boulevard Voltaire.

The author questions what it could be that pushes Merkel to follow her migration policies. Is it her desire to help German companies that seek to keep wages down by employing more migrants? Or perhaps Merkel’s ideas of Soviet-like internationalism and cosmopolitanism which she learned while growing up in East Germany, Robin asked.

There is already a clash within Europe, as many Eastern European nations openly disapprove of Merkel’s policies of mass migration. They want to keep their national identities and refuse to “become Berlin’s lackey in this demise” of the European continent, Robin said.

“It’s time for Angela Merkel to redefine [her policies], it’s time for her to return to a reason for the salvation of our continent, which is already very weak and now it’s been put in danger by this lady,” Robin wrote for Boulevard Voltaire.

According to the International Organization for Migration, (IOM) 990,671 migrants and refugees have arrived in Europe since the beginning of the year. At the same time, 3,695 people died at sea while attempting to reach European shores. Since October 16, seven people per day have died on average.

Greece and Italy remain the key points of entry for refugees seeking asylum in the European Union. More than 800,000 people have arrived in Greece since the beginning of the year; approximately 57,000 of them arrived in December alone.

Jews admit to destroying white race.

Merkel Concerned for Jews Not Germans

Germans Call Merkel a Traitor

The Marxist Murderers – The United States Joined Up With Stalin And His Mass Murdering Jews. The US government knew and so did U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (a Jew) that these evil Jews killed over 100 million mostly Christian people in Russia before the start of WW2. England’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Russian Premier Joseph Stalin were also Jews. WW2 was Jews killing Christians and Non-Jews by using propaganda and brainwashed non-jews to help with the killing. Zionist propaganda and brainwashing still works today. Non-Jews are used to kill for Zionist Wars and Zionist Central Banks around the world.


The Jewish Occupation Of Germany
By Brother Nathanael Kapner


THE POST WW II OCCUPATION of Germany by US troops continues to this day.

There are currently 21 US military bases in occupied Germany.

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Jew-ruled Federal Republic of Germany, pretends to tout a ‘German independent line’…and most recently…by threatening sanctions against Russia.

But as Ukrainian Jew oligarch Igor Kolomoysky’s “Jews News 1″ convincingly proves, she’s only saying what her Jewish masters dictate to her.

Truth is, Germany is not an independent nation but under foreign rule.

Proof of this is that questioning the Jewish version of history is illegal and ends you up in a German jail.

Further proof is that referendums on self-determination were blocked in Holland…and in Ireland the people were forced to vote again after an undesirable result.

Both the Dutch and Irish people were against joining the EU, which means subjecting them to open borders and a Jew-controlled central bank.

By denying the Dutch and Irish their right of self-determination the Jews impose a collective consciousness permeated by the poisonous atmosphere of Judengeist.

Why was Switzerland allowed a referendum resulting in limited immigration?

It’s because Switzerland maintained itself as a “neutral” country and thus immunized itself (to a greater degree than the rest of Europe) against Jewish control.

THE WORLD WAR II war for the Jews resulted in FDR’s/Truman’s intensive Jew-ruledoccupation of Germany, Jewry’s grand prize. 

Moreover, the occupation cannot be said to be based on an armistice like the Rhineland occupation after World War I, since no “peace treaty” between the Allies and Germany was ever signed that officially ended the war.

The “1990 – Final Settlement with Germany” was not a “surrender” nor a “ceasefire” but only a “settlement” in order to define new frontiers in lieu of the pending re-unification of East and West Germany.

In fact, there is no other “occupation” in contemporary history that the post WW II scenario can be likened to. The only tenable definition of Germany’s plight is that it is, (as many contend), an occupatio imperii.

The problem of the legal status of occupied Germany, (as Dr J.L. Kunz points out in his treatise, “The Status of Occupied Germany Under International Law: a Legal Dilemma”), is that it entirely depends on the solution of a preliminary question: whether Germany has or has not ceased to exist as a sovereign state.

Many argue that Germany indeed ceased to exist as a sovereign state at war’s end on the basis of “debellatio”…which in Germany’s case designates its having been “conquered” even though no annexation took place.

THE “CONQUERED” THEORY was used as a make-shift legal basis for the prosecution of German ‘war criminals’ at the Nuremberg Trials.

But this “debellatio” notion has been rejected by the majority of German international lawyers and by many decisions rendered by Swiss, Austrian, and German courts.

On the side of German scholars is the concept of political wish to prove that Germany, notwithstanding the events of 1945, has not ceased to exist as a sovereign state.

They argue that Hitler’s regime was “illegal” – exactly as the French reasoned after the defeat of Napoleon in 1815. View Entire Story HereHere & Here.

But International Jewry, which oversees the occupation of Germany, will never allow this political wish to gain admission as it would undermine their ongoing Holocaust hype and reparations rip-offs.

The bottom line is that legally World War II never ended, no peace treaty was ever signed, Germany has no Constitution, and that Germany is STILL occupied territory.

And given its “occupied” status, Germany remains hostage to the tyranny of world Jewry.

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When Germany returned Christianity to the Soviet Union

The truth about the Ostfront of WW2 is far more complex than the official narrative

… by Ian Greenhalgh

One of the key aspects of the revival of Russian society under Vladimir Putin has been the resurrection of the Russian Orthodox Church. Under the Soviet regime the Orthodox Church was attacked relentlessly; many churches and Cathedrals were destroyed, thousands of priests and monks tortured or killed. 

The original Bolsheviks were almost all Jews, so many officials of the Communist party were Jews that some commentators have argued that in effect, Russia’s several million Jews enslaved 150 million Russians.

One of the forgotten aspects of the German invasion of Russia in 1941 is the way that the Germans, themselves Christians, not only allowed but actively encouraged and supported the resurrection of the Russian Orthodox Church, as shown in the video below:

On the left is a ww2-era Wehrmacht belt buckle; below is a ww1-era Prussian army buckle. The Nazi Adler (eagle) carrying a Swastika has replaced the crown but the motto ‘Gott Mit Uns’ (God is With Us) remained, unchanged.Hitler himself may have had little time for religion, but the German character at the time remained steadfastly Christian in it’s beliefs and ethics. 


Of course, when we think of the German conduct of the war against the Soviet Union we immediately think of cruelty, burning villages, murdered civilians, all the worst crimes against humanity you can imagine.

This is a tale that has been consistently been promoted by the media of both west and east ever since; as Mike Harris likes to point out – Hollywood has demonised two groups above all others – Nazis and Arabs.

Perhaps the most visceral and uncomfortable portrayal of the genocidal Germans on the Eastern Front narrative can be found in the 1985 Belorussian film Idi I Smotri (Come and See); a film that is truly disturbing and upsetting to watch.

I have studied the eastern front in depth for over 20 years and I have come to realise that the reality of events has been obscured by a large amount of propaganda and outright lies.

There is no doubt that the peoples of European Russia, the Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine and Belorussia suffered immensely during the years 1941-45; that thousands of villages were burned; that millions of non-combatants died, many of them murdered.


German soldiers cheerfully carrying looted geese while in the background a little child tugs at the lifeless form of their murdered mother.

However I don’t think the Germans carried out many of these attrocities – there is a lot of evidence that the Soviets dressed up in German uniforms then went round burning villages and slaughtering people in order to harden the hearts of the people against the German invader.

The Einsatzgruppen of which we have heard so much were not in the business of ethnic cleansing or genocide, they were small groups with specific tasks – to identify and eliminate the organs of the Bolshevik party; their killings were highly targeted – they picked out party leaders, political commissars, the functionaries who had run the Bolshevik regime.

The fact that the majority of these people were Jews has allowed the Stalinist propagandists such as Wassily Grossman and Ilya Ehrenburg to weave the Einstazgruppen into their Holocaust narrative. There is no doubt that the Germans on the Eastern Front did behave harshly on many occasions, that they did commit war crimes.

How do we reconcile this picture of the Germans with the very different one seen on the Western Front where the Germans fought the British, Americans and other allies according to the accepted rules of war? The fact that the Soviet Union was not a signatory to the various conventions governing the conduct of war was certainly significant.


An example of Soviet propaganda lies. Smiling German soldier with Russian peasant becomes smiling murderer with his semi-naked female victim.

The German harshness to Russian POWs is perhaps understandable given the way the Soviets treated German prisoners. Two days into the invasion the Germans found an abandoned field ambulance; in it were several dead German soldiers. The Soviets had tied them up with barbed wire then mutilated them with knives.

I think the key lesson to learn about the Eastern Front in WW2 is that the complexity of the situation; the ever-shifting patchwork of alliances of convenience between a number of groups is all far beyond the overly simplistic, propagandised ‘official’ version of events would have us believe.

We have learned from studying the current conflicts in Syria and Iraq that actual events on the ground are usually rather different to what is reported by the media; that there are multiple groups involved and often they put on the uniforms of other groups in order to hide the worst of their crimes.

I believe that a similarly complex situation existed on the Eastern Front in ww2 – that there were a large number of groups involved; not just the two warring regimes of Hitler and Stalin represented by the Wehrmacht, Waffen SS, Red Army and NKVD.

There were partisan groups of all flavours – Jewish, Polish, Lithuanian, Belorussian, Ukrainian and others. Some were nationalists, intent on creating their own nation such as the Ukrainian nationalists led by Stepan Bandera who carried out large scale ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Poles of Galicia. As well as these idologically driven groups there were a lot of outright criminals ands of brigands who preyed on the local population.

In short, the situation on the Eastern Front in WW2 was every bit as complex as that found in Syria and Iraq today

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