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Seems Suspect That The Controlled Media Is Using The Same Talking Points About #PizzaGate

Seems Suspect That The Controlled Media Is Using The Same Talking Points About #PizzaGate 

By Jack Allen

When a group of propganda driven organizations like The New York Times and George Soros connected Media Matters uses the same talking points like the new “Fake News” BS Label that should be a red flagto everyone that there is more to the story than just a radom pizza place linked to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and others. PizzaGate seems to have hit a nerve and a lot of effort is being made to silence independent researchers and media from looking deeper.

“The alien grip on our news and entertainment media must be broken. There is not greater power in the world today than that wielded by the manipulators of public opinion in America. No king or Pope of old, no conquering general or high priest ever disposed of a power even remotely approaching that of the few dozen men who control America’s mass media and entertainment media. Their power is not distant and impersonal. It reaches into every home in America. And it works its will during nearly every waking hour. It is the power which shapes and molds the mind of virtually every citizen, young or old, rich or poor, simple or sophisticated.”

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“The Zionist/Jewish-Controlled Media Is Public Enemy Number One”

Except from Texe Marrs

Why don’t people know the truth about everything? The real causes of the Vietnam War. What really happened as a flash point for World War I. Why is that Americans still don’t know that Roosevelt allowed Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor? Our government knew that Japan was going to Pearl Harbor. Why don’t people understand that there is a 9/11 cover-up? It was an inside job. Well, increasingly, people ARE finding these things out. They are discovering the truth. One of the reasons is programs like this. And then the truth spreads by word of mouth. But word of mouth takes a long, long time.

Many people are beginning to wake up. But first you have to escape the mesmerizing, hypnotic grip of the media that confronts us 24 hours a day on radio, television, and even in the movies, they implant hidden messages.

Who controls the newspapers, the magazines we read, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX television, and even the sitcoms, where they insert political messages and implant them in your brain? They are nothing more that lying machines. And these lies replicate in your brain and can make you insane.

The trick today is to try to stay single minded and to know the truth. Even Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” How powerful then is the truth if it can make you free?

Today and next week I’m going to give you a mountain of evidence and the documentation you need to confront the people out there that are mixed up. Now thank God for the internet. The internet has some sources that are telling the truth. My two websites are dedicated to the truth. And I’m not the only one. Thank God for the many people who are willing to tell the truth… at great sacrifice, I might add. Some people ask me, Texe, why are you still alive? Well, I’ve God watching over me. Until God gives Big Brother the OK, they are helpless. On my own power, I admit I can do nothing to stop Big Brother. But the truth is a powerful machine. It’s like a snowball going downhill. The shear weight of the truth can crush Big Brother.

So what Big Brother really doesn’t want you to do is to tell the truth. No wonder Vladimir Lenin said: “Why should we allow people to criticize the government? Words are more powerful than bullets and bombs and airplanes.” Did you get that? Lenin, the communist, Illuminati Jew, responsible for the deaths of 66 million white Christians in communist Russian, said words are more powerful than bombs. This is how to defeat Big Brother. Go tell the truth to somebody.

Because as more and more people roll over into the column of truth, things begin to happen. They won’t send their sons and daughters to fight in worthless, futile, bloody, barbaric wars against people that are not deserving of the deaths and the horrors that they receive at the hands of what should be good American citizens, young men and women in uniform. After awhile, our would-be propaganda masters see that they have no hold on us. Already, they are becoming desperate. They are losing their grip. They are actually making mistakes because now they are escalating the propaganda.

They already control 95% of the media and they can’t stand it that the 5% they don’t control is making such inroads. So now they are trying to capture that other 5%

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