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Technology Expert Katherine Albrecht Warns: Your House Is Spying On You

Katherine Albrecht: Your House Is Spying On You Technology expert Katherine Albrecht has spearheaded the worldwide movement against RFID tracking since 2003. bistroMD offers delicious meals and fresh ingredients! Pick your meals and get free shipping today! $24.95 value, use code: StartNow Tags: Technology Expert, Katherine Albrecht, RFID tracking, Spying

Katherine Albrecht With Adrian Salbuchi – Global Power Elite Fixing Elections To Ensure Chains of A Global Debt

Katherine Albrecht talks with Adrian Salbuchi, an internationally-renowned Argentine author, political analyst, speaker and radio television commentator. Tags: Global Power Elite, Katherine Albrecht, Adrian Salbuchi, New World Order, Debt, Slave To Debt, news, Fixing Elections, Controlling Politicians