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Rituals? 71 Priests US Accused Of Sexually Abusing Children But Can Jewish Rabbis Legally Suck Off Boys?

71 US priests accused of sexually abusing children A church in the United States (file photo) The Metropolitan Archdiocese of Baltimore has released the names of 71 priests accused of sexual harassment of children. The archdiocese in the US state of Maryland released the names of the clergy men on their website, saying they faced “credible” accusations

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Heinous Crimes: US Bishops Hid Sex Abuse Of Hundreds Of Children: US court

US bishops hid sex abuse of hundreds of children: US court Two Roman Catholic bishops, at the helm of a church in the US state of Pennsylvania, have helped cover up the sexual abuse of hundreds of children, molested by some 50 priests over a span of four decades, an official report says. According to

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