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Ted Cruz Says He Will Abolish The IRS, Should We Trust His Word On This?

How Will A Zionist Supporting Goldman Sachs Funded Puppet Like Ted Cruz Abolish Rothschild’s IRS Scheme?
Abolish The IRS
By Jack Allen

How will a Canadian born Ted Cruz, a Zionist supporting Goldman Sachs funded puppet abolish Rothschild’s IRS scheme? He will not abolish the IRS, but will say he will because the fools will believe he will and vote for him, just like the fools that voted for Puppet Obama that gave us Zionist run Obamacare did. Cruz also talked about killing Obamacare but failed like he was supposed to do it seems. The only way to save America is to remove all the Zionist puppets and the other dual Zionist citizens embedded in our government. Reminder, JFK tried to end the Federal Reserve but his efforts were reversed after he was murdered.

Please note, that all the Democrat and Republican candidates running for president are Zionist funded as well except for Donald Trump. Not really sure about Trump because he said he supported Mass Murdering Israel, so the jury is out on him so far. So voting for a president maybe is like voting for a paid-off serial killer for Israel. So I vote for no one in 2016!

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