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The Evil That Really Controls The US Empire Now Will Bleed It Dry And Will Just Move To Another Nation

The Evil That Really Controls The US Empire Now Will Bleed It Dry And Will Just Move To Another Nation

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Ken O’Keefe rant before speaking event in Toronto (April 28 & 29)

The Jewish Plan To Conquer The World, And Wipe Out Non-Jews

The Satanic Cult that Rules the World 

By Christopher Jon Bjerknes & Henry Makow

The Rise and Fall of Empires Under Jewish World Rule

By Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Judaism teaches the Jews to rule the World, destroy all nations other than their own, steal all wealth, and kill off the best Gentiles in preparation for killing off all Gentiles. How do the Jews achieve these ends, and why have they been expelled from so many nations?

Kyle Hunt speaks to Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In their foundational myths, the Jews suck the wealth out of Egypt and depart to steal the lands of the Canaanites. The Jews lament in their mythology that the Egyptians loved them so much they loaned them their gold and jewels and that the Egyptian ruler would not let the Jews go. The Jews tell a story of how they taught the Egyptian ruler to rob and enslave his own people.

Our time has come, America. Jewish aristocracy are crying out to the US, let my people go! The Jews here have it very good, a little too good, and so must depart with full purses and wet asses.

Throughout history, the Jews have always been relatively few in number. Being extremely aggressive parasites, they need a powerful nation to use as a weapon to destroy other nations. For a really big calamity, they need several powerful nations in conflict with one another so that the Jews can severely cripple the human race they so hate.

At first glance, this might appear to be dilemma, for if the Jews sponsor the rise of an empire, that empire, not the Jews, rules and its people prosper, but the Jews want no one to prosper but themselves and no one to rule other than the Jews.

The Jews long ago figured a way out of this apparent dilemma. The Jews learned to ensure that the empires would collapse from wars and vain consumption, and that their cultures would disappear through the importation of the conquered into the homeland. The entire process of Jewish empire building is one of destruction.

That “great” French Revolution provides us with an example of the death merchants’ modus operandi. The initial “revolution” produced mass murder which was intended to eliminate a substantial majority of the French population and the absolute destruction of the best French families with the attendant destruction of French culture and the gross diminution of French genetics.

Though it was bloody, the French Revolution was not anywhere near so bloody as the Jews had planned. Then the Jews placed their puppet messiah Napoleon Bonaparte in power who brought France into several wars, killing off the best of the French yet again and importing foreign culture into France, while exporting French culture and genes abroad so as to bastardize other cultures and bloodlines. Many wars later, France has now lost much of its sovereignty to Jewish World government in the form of the European Union. Its colonialism has diminished its culture. It is a comparatively weak and uninfluential country.

The Jewish sponsored empire is created to destroy other nations, but also to destroy itself. How much of the destruction of the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Persian, Catholic, Spanish, Chinese, Indian, Polish, Dutch, English, French, Turkish, Russian, German, Japanese and now American empires was due to natural forces and how much was planned and pursued is perhaps difficult to say, but the Jews were behind each empire and the Jews brought them all down.

In the process of their parasitic consumption of other nations, the Jews build up a nation economically and then lead it into war after war destroying other nations and cultures, then the Jews cut off the tap, consume the roots of the empire as it were, economically, culturally, spiritually and genetically. In the end, not only has the empire destroyed other nations, it has destroyed itself never to reappear again in its original uncorrupted form. Whether we pretend these are natural consequences of empire building, or recognize the design, the Jew was behind them all and all ended in ruin and the blending and grafting of the different branches of the human family into a mongrel slave race, without any unique roots or culture, serving the Jews.

Though it appears at first glance that the Jews are violating their religious tenets when they build up a nation, especially when they build a nation into an empire, history has proven that in every instance the Jews only do so to use the empire to destroy other nations and ultimately itself. Many of the expulsions of the Jews were created by the Jews themselves to “let their people go” to Palestine and steal the land of the natives. As the Jews suck the last blood out of America, they will want the Jews segregated and expelled. This we ought not to do, for they will raise another empire to place its boot over our heads. At all costs, we should isolate Jews from one another, not concentrate and unite them.

The White Nationalists’ plans to segregate and concentrate the Jews are wrongheaded at best and probably originate from the Jews, themselves. Such schemes as Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic and David Lane’s fantasy of KD Rebel actually would place American Whites at a huge disadvantage, by landlocking or placing European American Whites as far from Europe as possible. They would concentrate future enemies, give them territories and give that enemy every strategic advantage, taking from Whites enormous tracts of land, the important ports of both coasts, and placing them in radiation contaminated zones prone to volcanic action and without energy reserves in inclement regions. Farming and industry are difficult in these areas, and Autarky would be infinitely more difficult to achieve.

The White Nationalists’ plans fulfil the Jews’ dream of destroying America by making it an empire then imploding the empire and continuing the process of destruction by creating severe threats and disadvantages for Whites in a balkanized America. Latin Americans would flood in as never before, as would Asians.

Is not history filled with wars and who would these forces seek to attack if not White Americans? Imagine the danger of the Chinese having open ports in California and all across the Gulf and Atlantic coastlines? Imagine Latin America invading from the south by the tens of millions per month. What chance would a Northwest Republic, which would consume its meager resources merely trying to feed and clothe itself, have against such an invasion? Where would winter food come from, in the event of a war? How could trade be conducted when the Whites had little to offer and the Asians could exploit the best of the Americas? It is difficult to imagine a worse predicament for Whites. Is it not easier to exercise political power over the entirety of the nation than to kill ourselves by hiding in the dark corner of our vast nation?

Source: http://www.jewishracism.com http://www.jewishracism.blogspot.com

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