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9/11 Truth: Saudi Arabia Supplied The Patsies, While The Zionists In The US Ran The Operation?

Saudi Arabia and Israel: UNHOLY ALLIANCE


by Phillip Marlowe

It’s now breaking that Saudi Arabia is threatening the US by dumping 750 billion in investments should we expose them as having anything to do with 9/11. Oh, yeah they did. They were co-conspirators with IsraHELL and their associated Zionist Jew cuckafied Goyim traitors in the US, who killed 3,000 innocent Americans that day.*

God himself knows all the evils spawned by Israel being secretly allied with the Saudi monarchy. Just imagine all the pain and suffering in the world because of these rats. It’s all coming out now: Israel’s long-term “Eretz Israel” agenda (turning the Mideast into continuously warring mini-states); the original Ashkenazi Jew homeland of the Ukraine taken over by the US-backed NWO Jews in a mob Coup d’Etat; ISIS and radical Wahabi terror freaks supported by the big oil money Saudis to attack Shiites. America has been totally effed by these backroom lying rats who need to hang from the yardarms!

The whole business of Saudi Arabia is ridiculous: It’s really only about 7,000 that control the entire country, 2,000 of which have any real power. People get beheaded in public for practically anything. The place has a King and junior King boy in waiting, for chrissakes. It would be just like a medieval USA getting named “Kennedy Land,” simply because of some big Irish Catholic family in the Northeast made a hugely rotten deal with a super-powerful foreign country to put them in power over the rest of us plebs out here in pleb land.

Of course, nobody is going to talk about Israel and Saudi Arabia being secret allies. Most Ameri-KWANS simply will not believe Saudi Arabia being backroom buds with IsraHELL. It’s not part of the “narrative.” It’s verboten for the Zionist Jew-controlled US media to expose any kind of Israeli “real politik” to the foolish Goyim, who can’t seem to put two-and-two together on practically anything the filthy Jews are up to. But Israel never seems to have any problems taking our money and weaponry all the damn time!

Hell, they’ve kept from saying a word about the Israelis having the A-Bomb for decades. They still don’t really say anything. Only in the last few months or so have they even deigned to say “AIPAC” on air (the Israel lobby controlling the politicians). Most idiot Americans out here are STILL clueless about “the real deal” with these Jews and only care about the Negro Felon League or the Jew Housewives of Beverly-GD-Hills!

But it’s all coming out now. The Saudi monarchy has always been in bed with the money banking interests of the West and America (controlled by International Jewry). And they have never given one rat’s ass for the poor-ass Palestinians, muzzie or otherwise. Plus, they hate the guts of SHIITES of Iran or Yemen, or SHIT heads as some might call them. Even so, I’d still rather buy oil from Iran since they are quite a bit more honest about the crap.

It serves Israel well for the Mideast to stay messed up. Keeps our tax money flowing in. Keeps the A-rabs from coming together and threatening sacred Israel — promised to them by God and the Rothschilds, for crying out loud. The historically devious Jews are masters at keeping other peoples at each other’s throats to advance their special little race. What do you think has been going on in America for the last 60 plus years and why the darkies are still always getting bunged up?

You think for one minute the House of Saud hasn’t been behind supporting “terrorist” groups in Syria like ISIS? Assad is a big ally of the Iranians — mutual enemies of Israel and the Sunni Sauds. In addition to which, Jews love seeing non-White “refugees” flooding the White countries of Europe — destroying White demographics so our race won’t have the political power to go all Nazi once again. By their way of thinking, Europeans have it coming for the “Holocaust.”

Oy vey, what’s not to love about the deal?

Now it’s coming out that the Saudis were financing at least two of the 9/11 hijackers. This was totally covered up at the time by removing 28 pages from the 9/11 Commission book. Incredible. People have been talking about this for quite some time, yet getting called “conspiracy theorists.” Funny, how the crap eventually comes out, huh?

Look at this sorry sack of s**t! The CUCKservative TRAITOR punk cares nothing about the story of the 28 pages. I can’t tell you how much this video pisses me the hell off!

Not long ago, a 9/11 researcher with a video camera was in a room with Jeb “Exclamation Point” Bush and was trying to ask him about the 28 pages redacted from the 9/11 Commission book. Jeb was trying to walk away, while nearby was Andrea Mitchell — that ugly Jew bitch married to former Fed chairman Jew Alan Greenspan and TV propagandist at MSNBC.

Jeb goes into his Dubya mode, laughing about it like the time his brother acted like it was all so funny not being able to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq at the correspondents dinner in DC. Jeb blithely told the 9/11 guy as he tried to slink away, “yeah sure, you got ’em? Andrea may have them. I’d like to see ’em.”

HA HA HA, you think you’re being so funny, you sorry mofo CUCKservative SOB!

Uh, think about it here: Don’t you think his brother, DUBYA Bush, knew all about those 28 pages back in 2004? Are all these people not a giant rats? I’m telling ya: The filthy traitors, non-Jews, Zionist Jews and their rich Muslim oil pals need to GD hang!

We’re White people — Caucasians. The West (Europe and North America) are WHITE, Christian LANDS. Simple as that. Got a problem with it? Than move your dirty brown stinking asses back to GD AFREAKA, Pakistan or whatever nasty-ass Third World crap hole you types escaped from. You know where that is, freak boys. If you want a decent place to live, then make it in your own lands!

Better understand all this, because sooner or later we’re going to be rounding you up at the point of an AR-15, and frog-marching you dirty rats right on out of here.

Got that, punks?


*My guess is the Saudis supplied the patsies, while the Zionists in the US ran the cover operation and implanted the nanothermites to finish the job with a big flourish.


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