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Bizarre Oddities: Your Grocery Store Is Making You Worship Satan – Eating Kosher Food Makes You A Satanist

Eating Kosher Food Makes You A Satanist



Kosher Tax Scam

Kosher Tax Scam

Secrets of the Hidden Kosher Mark & The Rabbinical Tax

Local Rabbi Accused Of Infecting Babies With Herpes

The Kosher Seal Revealed

By Brother Nathanael Kapner

Isn’t it odd that almost all the foods we eat are marked with the Kosher Seal?

The “K” stands for “Kosher” and the “U inside a Circle” stands for the “Union of Orthodox Congregations”…both indicating that the foods we eat comply with Jewish dietary laws.

With a rabbi present during food production a “kosher-approval” seal is then stamped on the foods we buy.

Do you like ketchup on your fries and cheese on your burger? A Kosher bottle of Ketchup and a package of Cabot Cheese are ready for use.

How about a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich? Both the butter and the jelly are marked “Kosher.”

Now, what’s even stranger about the Kosher Seal is that it only concerns 1.8 percent of the US population, American Jewry.

That means 98.2 percent of Americans who couldn’t care less about ‘keeping kosher’ are forced to swallow the Kosher scam.

All are held captive by this “Temple Tax” inflating the price of foods where a ‘forced communion’ is shoved down our throats aligning us with—IN OUR VERY STOMACHS—a ‘rabbinic-approved’ Judaic World System.

Better get in step with the Judaic World Order says Shimon Peres or nations will be crushed like fleas.

[Clip: “There are significant political changes on the map from day to day. First it was Tunisia, then Egypt, Libya, now Syria. What do all those changes mean for the Middle East? And all that’s happening, is it positive for Israel?”

“Yes. I mean there may be a transition period that create some difficulties, but in the long run, yes. Look, it’s not that those countries are changing — all countries are changing because the world has changed.

“And nobody has a choice. Either to go with the modern age or to lag behind, and really to become poor and irrelevant. What’s happening is, you know, governments are no longer controlling their own economy. Instead of a national economy, you have a global economy.

“Now if you want to enter, you have to follow the new rules of economy.”]


Peres declares national governments and economies as dead and irrelevant—to be dissolved into the whole—stating that a “scientist-based” Globalism is needed, darkly hinting at Jewry’s self-messianic plans for world domination where the “peace” it purports to confer—as the French historian Herve Ryssen puts it—means the end of all resistance to their tyranny.

And all the symbols of this tyranny are in place inscribing their missive into our very stomachs.

A strong relation between ’symbol and stomach’ is at work here in which a kind of “communion” is partaken of by disinterested participants.

How ironic!

For the whole idea of “kosher” as presented in the Talmud is to separate Jews from Gentiles which Jewry calls disparagingly, the “Goyim.”

Yet, by forcing the “Goyim” to eat “kosher” foods—while at the same time looking upon them as inferiors—Jewry ‘judaizes’ the Gentiles while still keeping them at arm’s length.

The Revelation of St John warns that the ability to buy food is linked to the “world religion” of Empire.

For sure, the future events predicted in The Revelation are prefigured by the happenings of the author’s own day.

Nero, who typified the coming anti-Christ, styled himself as ’son of Isis” whose cult symbol was the Greek letters chi (600), xi, (60) and the obsolete stigma (6), totaling “666.”

The final universal anti-Christ will also bear in his actions the number “666″ which harks back to King Solomon receiving six hundred and sixty six talents of gold from the nations as tribute…an auguring of today’s Judaic Globalist System of which “666″ is the measure for Jewry’s ‘financial world order’ symbolizing the Goyim’s subjugation.

And imaging this subjection is the Kosher Seal engraved on our foods.

My friends, it’s not for nothing that Orthodox Christians make the sign of the Cross over the foods they eat.

The devil flees before the sign of the Cross through which our Orthodox Christian “communion” is with heavenly things…not with things of the earth.

The earth and its evil will pass away…but we’re still here…we’re not in heaven yet.

And traps are set everywhere—especially in Supermarkets—where the mark of the beast will be stamped on the foods we eat.

The Kosher Seal is its precursor binding the unaware to an anti-Christ Globalist System swallowing up the masses into a One World Jewish Government…where the official religion of the Empire will be Judaism.

The Kosher Symbols are in place. And the only people who will be allowed to buy and sell will be Jews and Noachides who have denied the Lord Jesus Christ.

Go ahead, eat foods marked with the Kosher Seal—it can’t be avoided—but you better make the sign of the Cross before you do.

Why Do You Pay The Kosher Tax Mark of the Beast

Truth Hertz – The Kosher Tax

Kosher Tax


So many people just fail to grasp the extent of jewish control in our daily lives. Quite a few people are aware of most of what the jews are up to in our world but these people think that as long as jewish malfeasance doesn’t affect them personally that they don’t wish to make waves by taking any sort of stand against jewish crime. Most of these people turn a blind eye to jewish terrorism around the world whether it’s the killing of innocent Palestinians or Lebanese with illegal weaponry or anything else this criminal race of creatures is up to in our world. Foolish non-jews who believe this coward’s credo have no idea that, not only has jewish crime crossed their sacred thresholds, that their entire lives and private worlds are completely influenced and/or run by hidden jewish hands.

These pathetic monsters are the ones running your government, media, hollywood, banks, wall street, etc. but did you realize how pervasive they are beyond these obvious things?

The vast majority of Americans have no idea about what the hell the jewish  federal reserve (non-federal with no reserves) system is and don’t seem to care either, nor have much of any clue about the holocaust hoax extortion scam let alone anything else these malevolent rats are up to in our world.

When it comes to food most of us take this personally, we want good, wholesome food free of chemicals and other crap. Maybe, just maybe, you will finally be stirred to action when you here about how, with each bite of food, you are supporting a bunch of rabbi parasites and the crimes that these monsters carry out elsewhere, apart from their crimes of extortion relating to our food.

Why should you care if kikes are extorting your money with each bite of food you eat? Or every time you use a piece of foil, wash your hands, use cleanser to scrub your toilet or just about anything else you do around your house? Yeah, that includes using your kosherized steel frying pan that you made your bacon and eggs with this morning!

Well, it’s extortion—and most of you have no idea that you are being fleeced everyday in this way—others believe the lies from jewish lips that this racket doesn’t even exist. I have been screaming about this racket for years and despite only a very small fraction of jews demanding kosher foods (for religious reasons) this scam just gets bigger with every passing year. Now it’s almost impossible to find any product in your supermarket that hasn’t been hit and marked by these jewish vampires, including many other non-food products that require no kosherization under jewish dietary law.  Yet are still being unnecessarily kosher taxed, for fun and profit anyway.

These symbols can be found on almost everything you purchase at the super market. Every time you pay for something with these types of symbols, you are being extorted by slimy jews.

Here’s a brief explanation of what is going on here and it is followed by an example of how this scam works—and keep in mind, either a company submits to kosherization, or jewish distributors and  jew run supermarkets will simply refuse to stock your products. Resistance does seem futile for a company that does not wish to pay the tax—it is up to us to put a total end to this extortion and run these predatory creatures into the sea.

The Kosher Tax is an outrageous example of jewish control on our every day lives. Go to your cupboard and examine your food’s packaging; it’s very likely you will find a circled U or K on each package. (some symbols are a letter such as the U inside a triangle) These symbols are not to be confused with the circled C or R, which are copyright and registered trademark notices; they are symbols that indicate that the product has been “blessed” (read: cursed) and that you have paid a tax for this service.

The “fee” for the blessing (curse), is paid by the corporation that manufactures the product, and must be paid for each product made, so a company like General Foods can pay hundreds of these “fees” each year. These “fees” are passed on to you, the consumer, regardless of whether you are jewish or not. Every expense a company incurs in production of a product for sale, is naturally offset in the price of each product sold. This includes advertising costs, business operating costs, etc. ALL for profit businesses operate in this fashion. If the business occurs an expense in bringing you a product, YOU the consumer pay said expense, period.

Oy vey! It’s purely vicious anti-semitism to say jews are extorting people with the kosher tax! The ADL says the kosher tax is minuscule, and you don’t have a choice anyway!

It’s extremely difficult to find accurate information on just how much money these Jewish Extortionists are making on the kosher tax scam, because of the stranglehold jews have on the media, and their ability to control the availability of information to the public. Jewish Protection groups like the Anti Defamation League successfully sway the public by dismissing the kosher tax as a “propaganda hoax” by right wing fanatics to encourage anti-semitic beliefs, because there are almost no publicly available facts to prove otherwise.

It’s easy to see through the jew’s explanation however, using simple logic and math: In a “Kosher tax Hoax” article on the ADL’s website, the ADL claims that, “The cost to the consumer for this service is a miniscule fraction of the total production overhead; it is so negligible in practical terms as to be virtually non-existent.” listing a General Foods product as an example, saying the cost is somewhere around .0000065 (65 millionths) of a cent per item. Assuming that’s true, let’s multiply that by however many products General Foods manufactures, then multiply that by the number of sales of those products since their certification.

Coins today have ridges on their edges which were designed to keep jews from shaving the edges of the coins. Instead, jews now shave a little money off every purchase you make with the kosher tax.

Regardless how little the cost to the consumer is claimed to be, common sense dictates that .0000065 of a cent, multiplied enough times, can indeed become a substantial amount of money.  However, this number is likely a farce as it is. Here is some proof that this figure is not an accurate representation, because according to jew owned Wikipedia HERE:

In 1975 the cost per item for obtaining kosher certification was estimated by The New York Times as being 6.5 millionths (0.0000065) of a cent per item for a General Foods frozen-food item.

Certainly the price has increased since 1975, right? The truth is likely that this price was much higher in 1975 than what is claimed, and is yet again much higher today. Of course, the jews wouldn’t dare spill the beans on what the real cost is, but there is a little more info HERE:

Manufacturers pay supervisory agencies between $1,000 and $5,000 a year to inspect their plants and certify a product. The cost depends on the complexity of a product. For instance, a food with sensitive ingredients like emulsifiers and flavors requires more surveillance by a rabbi.

We are paying a tax on our food to have some kind of rabbinical surveillance? Are you kidding me? If you believe the cost of kosher certification is only 65 millionths of a cent, I have a bridge to sell you. Remember, this is JUST the price of the “inspection”, and is to certify a single product. Also note that this figure comes from an article over 20 years old (published 1989).  Today, every person in almost every country on earth is paying the kosher extortion tax on TRILLIONS of dollars worth of products every single time they go shopping.

So why is it that this system exists? And why would companies choose to participate? The jews claim it is a harmless practice that benefits the companies by expanding the market of the product to the jewish population. However, with the jewish population counting for such a small percentage of America’s population, the impact would be virtually unmentionable anyway. Yet virtually EVERY product is kosher, and we must ALL pay for it.

This is again because of the jewish powers over the media and business worlds, if a company were to refuse to pay for the “blessing” they would be boycotted by the jewish media, jewish distributors, and jewish supremarkets, meaning bankruptcy would soon follow. Proof of this exists in the fact that not very many products anywhere go without the kosher symbol.

The idea that we non-jews, must pay extra to eat food that is “fit for a jew” is ridiculous, and yet impossible to avoid, because the tax is everywhere, on foods, plastic cling wrap, and even dish soap!

Of course many of the dumbed down masses will still not believe this reality so here is more:

The “Mythical Myth”
A Myth about a Myth about Something Real

Rebuttals of the Kosher Tax “myth” are themselves mythical!

What do…

Arm&Hammer baking soda
Reynold’s Wrap aluminum foil
Dawn Ultra dishwashing detergent
Comet disinfectant with bleach
Ajax laundry detergent
Mr. Clean cleaner with ammonia
Lysol all-purpose cleaner
Chinet paper compartment plates
Hefty styrofoam plates
Names in left column are registered as trademarks.

…have in common with most of the food items sold in supermarkets? They’re all certified KOSHER. It would be difficult, though perhaps not impossible; to find a package of powdered laundry detergent that does not display that telltale symbol of otherwise secret Jewish taxation.

The most common Jewish tax signs (hechshers), at least in my area, are the circled U symbol of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations (U), the circled K symbol of the Committee for the Furtherance of Torah Observance, a.k.a. the Organized Kashrus Laboratories (K), the K-inside-a-triangle symbol of Rabbi Joseph H. Ralbag’s personal certification business, and the K-with-a-leftward-bulge symbol of Beverly Hills Kosher, a.k.a. Kosher Overseers Associates of America.

The kosher tax isn’t something you pay just on food products, because it applies on everything else including dish soap and aluminum foil! Although you can’t eat those products, you still pay for a rabbi to put his stamp on them.

The manager of one of the supermarkets where I was doing my research noticed me roaming the aisles using a pen to scrawl notes on a pad of paper. He asked what I was doing, so I told him. The effect of television brainwashing immediately possessed the man; the reaction was visible in his face, in his voice, and in his manner. He didn’t quite dare to order me out of the store, so he began a low-heat outrage routine that involved unusually energetic motions of his arms, much exaggerated shrugging of his shoulders, and frequent use of the phrase “So what?” When I told him “what” (as I will tell you shortly), he pretended not to hear, or, if he heard, not to find any significance. He was prepared to maintain his defensive “So what?” act forever, or until he could figure out a way to get the store employees to gang up and throw me out. I was nearly finished with my cataloging job by then anyway.

(I suppose that a White man who went down the grocery aisles putting kosher symbols on dog food, fish bait and pickled pig’s feet would be arrested for a hate crime. Maybe it would be called “hate copyright infringement” or something equally long and stupid sounding.)

Asserting that an actual conspiracy is “a myth” is among the Jews’ favorite disinformation techniques. Consider the Jewish denial about the Jewish control of banking. How often have you read something like this?

Sigh, I wish it wasn’t necessary, but I have encountered too many people who seem to believe that kosher certification results in higher prices, when, in fact, due to increased sales, quite the opposite is true.

Did you fall for it? Do you really think that the fees that manufacturers pay to Jewish rabbis, in exchange for permission to stamp the hechsher (any of the Kosher certification symbols) on food products makes the overall cost of making that product less? Even if we assume that some people actively seek out kosher-certified products, remember that there are also quite a few people who, given any reasonable alternative, would choose to avoid them. Most of the people who don’t bear the jews any grudge over their long history of exploiting other races, nonetheless don’t regard it as proper for jews to be issuing certifications on everybody’s food.

If everything was emblazoned with the KOSHER label and it were OBVIOUS that you had to pay an additional tax on your food for it, most people wouldn’t do it. Even every last packet of ketchup sold by fast food places is certified kosher. You can’t escape the tax.

First, increased demand usually drives prices up, not down. If kosher foods were more in demand than non-kosher equivalents, then the kosher foods would naturally command a higher price. (That’s also why “name brands” cost more than their generic equivalents.) The scheme works only when either of two conditions prevails: there are no non-kosher substitute of comparable quality is available, or most people are ignorant or apathetic about the certification business.

That’s an important point to understand because it explains why the rabbis are so anxious that there be no grocery vendor allowed to sell food and kitchen products without getting their “blessing” and why the jews defend the kosher certification business with glib lies, such as “Too many people seem to believe that kosher certification results in higher prices, when, in fact, due to increased sales, quite the opposite is true.” Uhhhh-huh.

Second, if kosher-certification more than pays for itself in reduced grocery prices—it doesn’t but let’s suppose that it did—then maybe a “Christian” certification would do the same thing even better. We may certainly ask ourselves why other groups haven’t started up the same kind of food-inspection operation. Many groups could use a little extra money. If jewish rabbis can do it, then so can some organization of Christian clergymen—but they aren’t. For that matter, the Boy Scouts of America could do it. Why aren’t the Health Clubs of America lobbying the food manufacturers into accepting their certification symbols, too, for a suitable fee? Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to add Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Hare Krishna inspectors’ stamps of approval also. As long as the price of the food just keeps coming down, why not let the Boy Scouts, the Health Clubs of America, and the American Vegetarians in on the game?

WHY ARE THE JEWS THE ONLY PRIVATE GROUP ABLE TO GET THEIR MARKS ON OUR FOOD? On inspection, that fact implies racketeering, and the impression doesn’t go away when you investigate the kosher labeling system further. The jews’ claims about lowering the price of food with their kosher certifications are fraudulent.

Do you think people would willingly pay a kosher tax if there was a greasy rabbi blocking your purchase until you paid him off? It might as well be that way, because you can’t buy almost anything without paying the jew their extortion money.

Don’t fall for the “You don’t have to be jewish to enjoy kosher foods” ruse. (The jews have a clever propaganda poster showing an American Indian, feather in his hair, dressed up in orthodox jewish black robes and eating kosher bread.) The point is not whether kosher-certified foods taste good. They often do—though being kosher has nothing to do with it. The point is whether the jews have, or do not have, the right to stick jewish labels on everybody’s food and charge us money for it.

The jews could safely buy kosher certified foods at special jewish food stores that cater specifically to their dietary requirements, without burdening everybody with certifications made especially for them, but then they couldn’t get the gentiles to subsidize the business, could they?

Likewise, don’t fall for that bit of misdirection about “most people who use kosher products aren’t jews.” To be sure, that is true. The lie isn’t in what they tell you, but in what they imply without telling you. The deception is the idea that the non-jews “seek out” kosher products simply because they have been certified by rabbis. That is the lie, and a bold faced one at that. When is the last time you bought something because it had a jewish certification stamp on it? Right.

The fact is, the kosher certification scam has become so widespread, and the labeling of products so ubiquitous, that many people can’t find non-certified alternatives. They must buy kosher certified foods or go without many kinds of foods. I suppose that if you wanted to go on a strict diet of dry dog food, then you could avoid the kosher label, but there’s no way for you to have a reasonably proper diet without paying the jewish food tax. Don’t believe me? Try an experiment: Go to the supermarket nearest you and try to find a brand of mustard, or pickles, or tuna fish that doesn’t have one of those kosher symbols on them.

Mmmm…kosher laundry soap sounds delic….wait a minute! Why are we paying a kosher food tax on laundry soap, aluminum foil, and toilet bowl cleaner? Who eats that stuff?

Besides that, why are most brands of laundry detergent labeled kosher? You don’t eat it. Its quality isn’t affected by the Jewish dietary laws. And yet its manufacturer has paid (and the rabbis have accepted the payment) to have a hechsher stuck on the package. Why would anybody “seek out” Tide detergent for having a kosher label? Answer: they don’t. (Since I began this page a few days ago, I found a package of Clorox powdered laundry detergent that didn’t have a hechsher on it, but that’s the only brand that doesn’t have one, as far as I know.)

Likewise for steel wool and kitchen utensils, which have also been known to carry the kosher symbols—as if to say, “The manufacture of this brand of stainless steel has been examined by rabbis and has been found to contain nothing contrary to jewish dietary laws.” These few items help further prove that kosher certification is indeed a racket, and nothing more. Many of the things you do eat, which have the kosher tax stamp, are full of poisons that most jews won’t touch. That in itself should be telling. It’s not about making the food safe, it’s about making you work to pay a tax for every item you buy back to the jew.

Someone who didn’t understand that kosher certification is a scam aimed at making suckers out of non-jewish shoppers, believing instead that it was only a way to assure the jews that their food was religiously correct, would have to conclude that jews enjoy eating paper, aluminum foil, and styrofoam; as well as drinking detergent, ammonia and bleach. Of course, most non-jews aren’t stupid enough to reach that conclusion, so in practice their choices are either realizing that the jews are swindling them by taxing trade or refusing to think about it. Too many non-jews, unfortunately, make the latter choice.

The truth is, for the most part, people who buy kosher-certified goods aren’t aware that jewish organizations are taxing kitchen products by selling manufacturers permission to use the little kosher symbols. Simply because people BUY kosher certified goods, does not imply that they are “seeking out” kosher certified goods, regardless of what the jews want you to think. Especially when today, there are hardly any alternatives, nor awareness of the kosher tax for people to have a choice anyway. There is no way to avoid it, because almost everything you purchase has the stamp, and you pay the tax, without even knowing it.

And is everything really on record? Try an experiment: find out, if you can, how much a certification really costs. I can’t find this information anywhere, but according to the American Defense League, these rabbinical groups walk off with hundreds of millions of dollars annually from their (high-pressure) sales of kosher certification. While that might be only a fraction of these companies’ aggregate profits, there’s still plenty of reason to object to this substantial level of jewish parasitism.

The jews are making huge piles of money off of the extortion racket, and what’s sad is they won’t dare let on to how much you are really paying for rabbis to certify your food, but rest assured trillions of $ of products have this tax applied globally.

For one thing, it provides the jews with a continuing source of money with which they can, for example, lobby (or bribe) our politicians into making laws and policies in accordance with the jewish supremacist agenda of global domination. If Americans would think for a change, they’d realize that any added cost to their grocery bills is the least of their problems with the kosher tax scam. Rabbi Harvey Sentor (of the Kov-K kosher certification group) admitted in The Jewish Post (30 July 1976) that kosher certification was “a profit-making concern.”

Don’t let the jews fool you. Truly, they are excellent liars. If lying were a virtue, they’d be saints, but it’s not virtuous to lie. Nor is it virtuous to swindle people out of their money, even if it is only a little money each time. If someone got rich by stealing the “roundoff error” (small fractions of a cent) on a large number of bank-to-bank transactions, he’d go to jail when he was caught.

The principle involved with the kosher certification racket is very similar. Crime should not pay. Those involved should be required to return all of the extorted money, and should be dealt with extremely harshly for their crimes.

The kosher tax of today, is similar to the way jews used to shave the edges of coins made from precious metals in the past. This is why coins have ridges on the sides of them today. It might seem like only a tiny amount per coin, but it certainly adds up, just like the kosher tax no matter how small the amount.

Here’s how the scammers sucker you in. You will notice that there isn’t any mention of price but if you explore the links here on this site about kosher taxation you will find that this shakedown usually starts off close to 10 grand a year even for small mom and pop operations—and that is per product that is kosherized.

10 Steps to Kosher Certification

Your company contacts the OK Labs by phone (718-756-7500 ext. 209), fax (718-756-7503), e-mail (info@ok.org) via the supplied link, or in person (e.g., at a trade show). Rabbi Chaim Fogelman, our Rabbinic Coordinator specializing in guiding new applicants through the kosher certification process, will answer your preliminary questions. He will be your guide throughout the application procedure. Please note: The OK Labs has designed the most sophisticated computer system in the kosher certification industry to facilitate your kosher certification.

The application is the first active step toward certification. Upon your request, a user-friendly application will be sent to you. The application, designed to accelerate the certification process, asks you to provide a list of ingredients (raw materials), product components and production processes.

Please note: The OK Labs will maintain all information concerning your company in the strictest confidence.

Click below to download the appropriate application forms for kosher certification. Application forms are in Adobe Acrobat format and you would need Acrobat Reader to view them.  Once you have downloaded the form, please print and complete your details and return it to our office for immediate attention.

(NOTE: These links are dead, and I prefer not linking to jews anyhow. You can look up the applications if you want to help jews rob people.)

click here for USA application form for kosher certification [103kb]
click here for International application form for kosher certification [114kb]

Return the application along with the required processing fee. This fee covers some of the pre-certification costs we incur. When the certification process has been successfully completed, we will deduct the application fee from your first year’s certification cost.

Upon our receipt of your application and fee, a Rabbinic Coordinator who is an expert in your field of production will be assigned to oversee all matters that relate to your company. He will review the application and contact you with any questions he may have. He will also set a mutually convenient appointment to visit your manufacturing facility(ies) for an on-site physical inspection. At this time, the Rabbinic Coordinator will provide you with a non-binding estimate of the fees involved in providing kosher certification to you.

An initial, thorough inspection of the entire manufacturing facility(ies) will be performed by the Rabbinic Coordinator. This inspection gives us a comprehensive understanding of the unique nature of your facility(ies), so that your certification can proceed in a streamlined fashion. At this initial visit, the rabbi will detail the procedures that you will need to follow to receive and maintain kosher supervision.

Having finished his inspection, the Rabbinic Coordinator will issue a report to our headquarters. At this time, your annual fee will be set. It is determined on the basis of numerous factors, including the nature of your facility(ies), its location, and the amount of work required on our part. If any matters remain outstanding, we will work with you to resolve them.

Part of our agreement with you involves monitoring your facility(ies). The OK has 300 field representatives around the world. One of these experts located in your area will be assigned to visit your facility(ies) on a regular basis. We make every effort to arrange these visits in the most economical way possible. In addition, one of our home office Rabbinic Coordinators will make an annual inspection of your facility(ies).

A contract is now drawn detailing the agreement between the OK Labs and your company. The contract is sent to you for your review and your signed approval.

Upon return of the signed contract along with the fee for your first year of supervision, we will issue a Kosher Certificate to you. The certificate details which of your products or facilities are under OK certification, and grants you the right to display our registered OK symbol on the certified products.

Congratulations! You are now certified kosher by the OK Labs, the most respected kosher supervision agency in the world. Your company’s name is now listed in the widely read Kosher Food Guide section of the The Jewish Homemaker, the international magazine of the OK Laboratories.

Don’t choke on the idea of the “most respected” kosher certification scheme.  The jews think scamming everyone else is a respectable thing to do. This article should give you an idea how perverted, twisted, and psychotic the jews really are.  They’re robbing you to death to certify mostly poisoned foods and products that can’t be eaten as “kosher”, which most jews won’t eat to begin with. If you have the resources, try to eat fresh, local, organic foods from reputable local farmers, and avoid the supermarket as much as possible. For many this is completely impossible, but awareness can help change this, so spread the word.

(This article was provided to SN a long time ago by someone else, and has been edited to make sure it fits with SN’s message.  Most of the content comes from the original source, with some commentary added here and there by SN)

– See more at: http://www.subvertednation.net/kosher-tax/#sthash.mmxKeTGg.dpuf

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