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Globalist Gun Grab Agenda: How Obama’s ‘Crying’ Shows He’s A Psychopath

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The White House and The Theatrics of ‘Gun Control’


‘Theatrics in politics is nothing new, but this is just a little over-the-top, even for this entertainer-and-chief.

During President Barack Obama’s landmark New Year’s TV address on ‘gun control’ he grew visibly emotional when invoking Newtown, Connecticut, with bountiful tears arriving in good measure.

While right-wing commentators were incensed, left-wing media pundits were understandably blown away by his performance, and commented on it like it was a performance. In media terms, it was a very weird moment, to say the least.’

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How Obama’s ‘Crying’ Shows He’s A Psychopath

get-attachment (69)‘In her 2013 book “The Body Language Of Liars,” behavioral analyst Lillian Glass wrote that psychopaths are really bad at crying:

“When psychopaths cry, they will often wipe underneath each eye, one at a time. When people cry genuine tears they cry with both eyes, and so they will tend to wipe both eyes at once.”’

Also, how many of these traits of a psychopath do you think apply to Obama?


Famed Canadian psychologist, Dr. Robert Hare, developed a checklist called The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised(PCL-R) which is a diagnostic tool of 20 traits
assessed by a scoring system used to rate a person’s antisocial behaviors. They include:

1. glib and superficial charm,
2. grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self,
3. need for stimulation,
4. pathological lying,
5. cunning and manipulativeness,
6. lack of remorse or guilt,
7. shallow affect(superficial emotional responsiveness),
8. callousness and lack of empathy,
9. parasitic lifestyle,
10. poor behavioral controls
11. sexual promiscuity,
12. early behavior problems,
13. lack of realistic long-term goals
14. impulsivity,
15. irresponsibility,
16. failure to accept responsibility for own actions,
17. many short-term marital relationships,
18. juvenile delinquency ,
19. revocation of conditional release, and
20. criminal versatility.


Read more: How Obama’s ‘Crying’ Shows He’s A Psychopath

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