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New Season Of American Crime Story Will Focus On Monica Lewinsky And Bill Clinton Scandal

New Season Of American Crime Story Will Focus On Monica Lewinsky And Bill Clinton Scandal

The third installment of the franchise, Impeachment: American Crime Story, will focus on the Clinton scandal and will be produced by Monica Lewinsky. The series will star Sarah Paulson, Beanie Feldstein and Annaleigh Ashford, and premieres in September 2020

Monica Lewinsky to produce third season of American Crime Story about Clinton impeachment

The new season of American Crime Story on the FX network will cover the details of Bill Clinton’s impeachment and the scandals that led up to it in the late 1990s.

The series, created by Ryan Murphy, will be produced by Monica Lewinksy, the former White House intern who was the center of the sex scandal involving the former president. Lewinsky will be depicted in the show by actress Beanie Feldstein, who is the younger sister of actor Jonah Hill and best known for her roles in Lady Bird and Booksmart.

The new season of the critically acclaimed show is tentatively titled Impeachment: American Crime Story and will also star Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp, the former Pentagon employee who secretly recorded Lewinsky giving details about her affair with Clinton. Paulson is a longtime collaborator of Ryan Murphy, and previously played prosecutor Marcia Clark in the first season of American Crime Story, which covered the O.J. Simpson trial.

Both the first season of the show and the second, which covered the killing spree by Andrew Cunanan, received critical acclaim and more than a dozen Emmy nominations each.

The third season, set to air during the homestretch before the 2020 presidential election, received some question about timing. “Airing this during the final six weeks of the 2020 election is an abysmal idea. I’m looking forward to seeing it, and I hope FX reconsiders the timing,” New York Magazine writer Mark Harris tweeted. “There is nothing that Trump would like more than to turn the homestretch of 2020 into a revisitation of the Clintons. Don’t do this, @FXNetworks. It’s a disservice to our fragile political system and to the talented people involved in this show.”

“People are going to be very interested in this right around the presidential election and it’s going to be a great show,” said FX chairman John Landgraf during a Tuesday press gathering. He further defended the show against a line of questioning that he felt suggested the premiere would affect the course of the election, suggesting that the press was perhaps speaking ahead of themselves. “I think that’s a little hysterical, from my standpoint,” Landgraf said after rejecting the idea that the show could be “toxic” to the political environment.

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